Yokohama YK580 Tire. The Next Step Forward. Exclusively at America's Tire.

Available Exclusively at America's Tire
Performance That Doesn't Quit!

Introducing the latest evolution in high performance all season tires. The Yokohama YK580 with Orange Oil compounding, delivering optimized handling, improved fuel economy and longer tread life. The YK580 also features a new asymmetrical tread design for enhanced wet weather grip, confident cornering, powerful stopping power, and an extremely quiet ride. Available exclusively at America's Tire, the YK580 has a large size line up and several new fitments for passenger and CUV vehicles. Yokohama made an intentional focus on tread life of the YK580 and offers a warranty on all sizes and speed ratings. To achieve this, it was put through rigorous testing on the harshest surfaces and the strictest guidelines and was engineered to achieve a best in class rating in multiple performance categories. Its technology, construction, and design are the outcome of years of engineering and research. The YK580 promises to exceed all expectations while at the same time contributing to a cleaner environment.

Yokohama YK580 Tire Cut a Way View with Tire Feature Call Outs
Key Benefits & Features:

Treadlife That Lives On And On

  • Our most durable, High-Perfomance Orange Oil Compound achieves low rolling resistance while delivering long treadlife.
  • We optimized the Groove Ratio by almost 9% to increase tread area volume for more stability and longer treadlife.
  • Our Optimized Contact Patch promotes long, even wear by distributing stress equally across the entire tread surface.

Exceptional Grip in Wet Weather

  • Orange Oil Compound increases wet traction for safer braking and steering.
  • For improved handling in the rain, our Sweeping Tapered Rain Channels accelerate water away from the tread area.
  • Our Cross Traction Sipes create biting edges for assured handling in light snow and wet conditions.
  • Our 3D Adaptive Sipes give the YK580 consistent traction for the duration of the tire's life.

Confident Cornering

  • Orange Oil Compound improves handling for better cornering control.
  • When cornering forces are pushed to the limit, our Unibloc Shoulder enhances the stiffness of the tire.

Powerful Braking

  • The YK580's Large Notched Blocks provide grip support under the most intense braking and cornering pressure.

Quiet Ride

  • Our Tread Block Bridges give the tread extra support and reduce tread noise throughout the life of the tire.

Known outside Oregon & Parts of California as