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Fortera is a complete paradox of performance. It's smooth, yet aggressive. Powerful, but refined. Fortera combines the assertive handling, traction and responsiveness of an SUV tire with all the quiet comforts of a touring radial. The end result is an excellent balance of performance throughout the entire life of the tire.

•Deep blades and grooves extend tread life without sacrificing performance.

•Computer-optimized tire shape and tread pattern provide excellent balance of performance properties throughout the life of the tire.

•Staggered circumferential grooves, curvilinear blades and see-thru grooves enhance forward and lateral traction.

•Highly buttressed tread block elements for excellent performance in rain and snow.

•Intricate blading in the riding ribs and centerline for stable handling and even treadwear.

•Footprint insensitivity to load improve handling, noise reduction and all-season traction.

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