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Carlisle's Radial Trail RH combines radial construction with variable pitch design to reduce road noise and heat buildup for increased tire life. Specially designed tread compound formulated for outstanding weather, UV and ozone resistance. Equipped with Carlisle's HeatShield™ and DuraTrail™ tire construction technologies.

Dura Trail technology

A high strength belt package, micro-fiber reinforcements and optimized ply construction improve load-carry capacity and increase lateral stabilty, reducing trailer sway.

Heat Shield technology

Heat Resistant Compounding:
Carlisle engineers combined specially blended heat resistant polymers, producing a tread compound with improved heat resistance. In independent laboratory testing*, the Carlisle Radial Trail RH outperformed against four leading trailer tire brands in heat aging endurance, simulating tire performance in extreme high temperature environments.
*Test Date 6.22.10

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